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The new way of living

Olokoto is a small housing solution made of solid wood logs. It can be expanded through modules and it is always delivered as a completely finished package. Olokoto has been designed to be used year-round and offers excellent heat economy. The house can be equipped according to your needs and the building can also be expanded afterwards.

The building’s total living area measures at 21 m2 and total floor area at 25 m2. The basic unit, measuring 3,500x7,000 mm, can be expanded sideways and upwards using separate modules. The foundations can be easily built on screw piles.

The building has a concealed ridged roof and one of the sides of the roof can be replaced with a glass structure. The prices for this small home start at €24,600. The product is based on patented technical solutions and the design of the product is internationally protected.

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Under the Open Sky

Olokoto offers you a unique experience in nature with all the conveniences of a house. The product has been designed for year-round use and, as it comes with a glass roof, this Olokoto offers an excellent choice for aurora borealis tourism and similar activities. Behind Olokoto’s design philosophy is the idea that minimalistic and streamlined design should be used to conceal the existence of the building.


The design of Olokoto is based on modules, allowing it to be combined with another Olokoto. The connecting surfaces between the two buildings is a frame made of birch plywood or glass that always matches the measurements of the end or the length of the building.

Ecological alternative

If necessary, Olokoto functions without water and sewer connections and is almost fully energy-independent. When the windows are not covered by curtains, the large glass surfaces function as effective solar thermal collectors. The water-recycling OrbSys shower can be pre-installed at our factory. The new kind of shower is the ecologically superior choice for saving heating water. Logs provide an ecologically sustainable construction material, as wood binds more carbon dioxide and carbon during its life than it emits at the end of it.


To: MyKoto The MyKoto service lets you specify factors such as your need for space, functionality, interior decor materials, etc. All of this can be completed without a sales representative and you can make all purchase decisions at home, on your own sofa.


Olokoto built using solid wood logs, is a long-awaited addition to the small residential property market. If desired, it is available as a complete turnkey solution and can also be supplied fully furnished.

25 m2

Glassroof I
25 m2

Glassroof II
25 m2

25 m2

12,5 m2

Olokoto Fullglass
100 m2

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